In order or assist you in completing this work request page as accurately as possible, please read the following step-by-step instructions:
   1. Please choose the correct "Building" that you are logging the request for. (Select "Region" then "Building") - if your Building is not available please email
   2. You will then need to choose the area or specific room where the issue is in at "Functional area". If you are unsure, please choose "Whole of site". Your details will be automatically populated in the "Sender" fields. Please ensure your contact details are correct.
   3. You will then need to choose the the type of work from "Type" dropdown list.
   4. You will then need to choose floor plan and mark the location of items that need to be serviced/repaired for "Approximate location".
   5. You can also provide further details for "Person affected", "Allocated to" and "allocated to others" fields, but these are optional.
   6. You will then need to provide a detailed description of the issues and/or requirements (please refer to "How to identify an issue").
   7. You will then need to choose the priority of your work request. Please note, the Facilities Team may re-classify the priority of this request based on the urgency of other requests. (please click here for "How to prioritise a work request").
   8. Please upload supporting photos of the issue. Photos of damaged/broken item(s), location of the damaged/broken item(s) and surrounding environment.
   9. Once completed, please click "Submit". This will automatically submit the work request into the system and assign it to a Facilities Team member. Someone will action the request and you will be notified.