1. In scope (What we can help with)

Type of service 



Dishwashers, zip taps & fountains, carpark drains, gas servicing, etc.


Appliances, fridge, washing machines, power outages, body protection plate, UPS, etc.

Pest control

Infestation or evidence of pest activity - chewed wood /wire, faeces, smells & stain


Out of order

Air conditioning

Malfunctioning - temperature, dripping, error codes, cleaning, dirty ducted vents

Fire equipment

Extinguishers, fire blankets, alarms, fire panel - beepin

Access and security

Locked out, access denied

Gardening / Garden maintenance


Office relocations / Medical equipment relocation

Treatment couches

Doors & windows repairs & maintenance


Waste removal

Medical waste including sharps, confidential waste (paper shredding), general & recycle waste, sanitary bin

Roof & guttering / Ceiling repairs



Office cleaning - tambour cabinets, kitchen, showers., clinical cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning


Restoration, repairs, torn, cracked

Building oxygen delivery system (in built)


Staff duress alarms install


Office furniture and office equipment replacement

Medical curtains

Install only, purchase is completed by site

















2. Out of scope (What we can't help with) 

Type of issue


Computer & accessory

IT support : 1300 724 463

Client duress alarms install

Alarms: 1300 557 551

TV's - bluejeans / VR system 

IT support : 1300 724 465

Medical equipment repair and service

Care Plus : 9459 8257

Phone & internet issues

IT support : 1300 724 463


Email: procurement@silverchain.org.au